Thursday, January 13, 2011

Feeling stylish

I am pleased to announce that I am the recipient of a Major Award.

Oh, no...not the leg lamp.  Anyone could win a leg lamp.  But Kovas and Amanda and Craig have deemed me (cue fanfare) a stylish blogger.  Blush.  Thank you, Kovas. And Amanda. And Craig

Now, others may tell you differently (about Kovas anyway), but clearly Kovas and Amanda and Craig are people of taste and distinction.  Because I was tagged by three (count 'em, three) people, I'll offer three photographs as evidence of my stylishness.

Fashion Disaster Day
Adventurous use of color and texture

Able to accessorize with flair

Granted, I don't dress up as much as my brother for a race...

...but black is pretty formal.
Of course, certain duties accompany my new role as fashion icon.  In order to accept this award, one must:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded this to you.  Now, I already thanked Kovas and Amanda and Craig but I'm not yet too big to show some love to the "little people" who've helped me get where I am today.  So, thank you, Kovas and Amanda and Craig for showing such faith in me.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.  This is difficult because I just did a 30 things about me post, and I feel like I need to share something different...and while I may be (according to Kovas and Amanda and Craig) fabulous, I'm just not that interesting.  Hmmm.

  • I've lived in Illinois my entire life, mostly in the St. Louis region.  I did live in Rockford (second biggest city in IL) for a few years, but not long enough to consider everywhere south of Chicago "Downstate" (not that Kovas would do that).
  • I think it's pretty ironic that my students believe I know everything and my children (even the one who's the same age as my students) believe I don't know anything.
  • My husband is currently mad at me for dream cheating on him (his dream, not mine).  Hardly fair.
  • I spend my fall/winter/spring watching my son's volleyball tournaments but skip (arguably) the biggest one in California to go on a week-long bike trip.
  • I have three brothers and three sons and that pretty much guarantees that I'm comfortable with loud and obnoxious.  And, um...I'm not much of a lady.
  • My driver's side window doesn't work anymore, but I'd rather save the money for a pair of trail running shoes than fix it.
  • I have a new set of clipless pedals (thanks, Craig!), so now all I need is a pair of bike shoes and some courage and I'll be all set.  If you look at the item above, you'll note that I've got a little bit of time to develop the courage.
3.  Pay it forward to 15 great blogs - consider yourselves tagged!
4. Contact those bloggers and let them know about their award. If you follow me already (further proof of your stylish nature), consider yourself notified.  If not (I forgive you), I'll post to them.


    1. Congratulations on rocking the style!
      My car clock hasn't worked in forever! There are def. more imp. things to spend money on!

    2. HA! I love the leg lamp in Christmas Story!

      3 brother and 3 sons.. wow. Being a lady is overrated anyway. :P Cool blog!